I. Grumble
II. Sticky Spot
III. Konzertchen
IV. Tail Chasing
V. Lament
VI. Rough Edges
VII. Processional
VIII. Motivated
IX. Jaunt


Duration: 8'

Year of Completion: 2015

Sample Pages from the score:

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Composers' Note:

My miniatures are an ongoing project that I’ve been composing off and on for a few years. Despite having never developed a strong proficiency at the piano, I nevertheless love my time at the keys. I’m writing these works so that I, myself, have some ‘Beavers’ to play on a recently acquired 1913 Ibach piano. It is a fantastic instrument full of wonder, history, and beauty that inspires many of these compositions. 

I also enjoy working on these brief gems at times when I feel stuck or less motivated to work on large-scape compositions. Writing pieces of such brevity is an excellent liberator of creativity. 

These compositions are also excellent for amateur or student pianists and have a strong pedagogical potential. 




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